P016 – CoCoFEST! 2018!

CoCoFEST! 2018 was a significant moment for Cosmic Aliens for a few reasons. A year prior, I had purchased an original Tandy 1000 system, from the original owner, who lived in the Chicago area, who didn’t want to ship the system. Evan Wright offered to get the system and hold on to it for me, little did I know it would be a year before I’d ever get to see it. The significance? The original Cosmic Aliens was highly developed on my original Tandy 1000, this is where the game development started and continued for a few years. Since I had obtained the last public copy of the original game, to play the original game, on the original hardware as a surreal “pinch me” moment. In addition to that, the latest CoCo incarnation would be seated right next to the original version, and firs the first time ever, the general public could see and play CoCo Cosmic Aliens alongside the original version.

It was great to share both versions of the game with the world and get some feedback on the game. This was probably the biggest “moment” in the life of this new project thus far.

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