P 003 – International Reach, 15 minutes of fame!

In the roughly 2 years Cosmic Aliens was circulating through bulletin board systems, it made it’s way across the US and at least to Canada, all this, without an internet!  I received at least one donation payment, that I can remember, and it was out-of-state, wish I kept any record of that, how cool would that […]

P 002 – QB, College, and the birth of a program

During the 80’s my love for playing with the Color Computer and programming in the BASIC led me to believe I wanted to become a computer programming for a living.  I went to a local college that specialized in computer science, and thought, at that time, I was going to learn the assembly language.  Assembly […]

P 001 – My early beginnings

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Video games in the arcade, home systems, and ultimately personal computers were a new and exciting thing.  This new wave of technology and entertainment totally captured my imagination and interest, and I, like millions of American kids had video game fever.  We had an early home video game […]